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Clear Acrylic Steel Pressure Feed Tank

Welcome to Burhani Engineering Technology, your trusted partner in fluid management solutions. Our Clear Pressure Feed Tanks offer a seamless blend of innovation, reliability, and versatility, designed to meet the diverse needs of your applications. Explore our catalog to discover the features, specifications, and accessories that make our tanks the ideal choice for your fluid management requirements.

Key Features:

• Premium Materials: Crafted with precision using stainless steel 303 plates and lid, ensuring durability and longevity.

• Transparent Body: Available in acrylic or toughened glass tubes, allowing for easy monitoring of fluid levels.

• Pressure Capacity: Withstands pressures up to 4 bars, providing reliability in various environments.

• Customization Options: Additional ports for seamless integration of accessories like air agitators and low-level sensors.

• Corrosion Resistance: Designed to prevent corrosion, ensuring compatibility with diverse fluids and applications


• Construction: Stainless steel plates and lid with a Viton O-ring for superior sealing and durability.

• Body Material: Choose between acrylic or glass tubes to suit specific requirements.

• Pressure Regulation: Equipped with an air pressure regulator and gauge (0 to 43.5 psi) for precise control.

• afety Features: Includes an air pressure relief valve set at 43.5 psi for safe operation.

• Fittings: Features a 6 mm inlet push-in fitting and options for 6 mm or 8 mm output fittings for seamless connectivity


Enhance the performance of your Clear Pressure Feed Tank with our range of accessories:

• No-Drip System: Minimize spillage and maintain a clean working environment.

• Suction Filter: Preserve fluid purity and prevent clogging for uninterrupted operation.

• Air Agitator: Facilitate efficient mixing of fluids, ensuring uniform consistency.

• Low-Level Sensor: Enable automatic monitoring of fluid levels, enhancing efficiency and convenience


• Ideal for various simple applications requiring clear pressure reservoirs

• Suitable for industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, and more.

• Compatible with a wide range of fluids, ensuring versatility and reliability in diverse applications. Trust Burhani Engineering Technology for unparalleled clarity and reliability in fluid management. Contact us today to discover how our Clear Pressure Feed Tanks can elevate your operations.

Material Capacity Gallon Capacity Litres Size
Dia x Height (cm)
BHFGC1030 0.6 2.4 10x30
BHFGC1060 1.3 4.8 10x60
BHFGC2030 2.5 9.5 20x30
BHFGC2060 5 19 20x60
BHFGC3030 6 22 30x30
BHFGC3060 12 44 30x60
Custom Sizes Manufactured on Demand


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