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Vacuum Glove Box

A vacuum glove box is a specialized containment system used in various industries to manipulate and work with materials in a controlled environment with low levels of oxygen and moisture. This comprehensive guide explores the principles, applications, benefits, and considerations associated with vacuum glove boxes.

Burhani Engineering Technology Manufactures and offers worldwide researchers with a wide range of vacuum glove box workstations ready to use that can be equipped with optional features as per the requirement. Industrial Labs, Colleges and Universities uses Burhani Engineering Technology glove boxes for the development and research of emerging technologies in the field of Chemical ,OLED, PLED, Welding, Lithium Batteries and many more. Burhani Engineering Technology is a state of art technology glovebox model. We provide high capacity purifier and sealing technology . There are minimum point of leakages using all weld stainless steeldesign. It allows easy and fast initial setup. Our unique seals enables low leakage rates in the glove box(<0.001 vol%/h). The Glovebox can be easily custom made to your research needs.

Introduction to Vacuum Glove Boxes

Certain processes and materials require precise control of environmental conditions to ensure product quality, safety, and research accuracy. A vacuum glove box provides a controlled atmosphere within an enclosed chamber, enabling operators to handle substances under reduced oxygen and moisture levels. This controlled environment prevents contamination and oxidation, making it a valuable tool in research, manufacturing, and testing.

Principles of Vacuum Glove Boxes:

A vacuum glove box consists of an airtight chamber equipped with gloves that allow operators to interact with the materials inside while maintaining the controlled atmosphere. The glove box is connected to a vacuum system that removes air and moisture from the chamber, creating a low-pressure environment. An inert gas, such as nitrogen or argon, is introduced to replace the removed air, resulting in a controlled atmosphere suitable for sensitive operations.

Specifications of Glove Box
  1. The Glove Box is available in Full Acrylic, Stainless Steel with Poly carbonate Enclosure and Mild Steel with polycarbonate Enclosure.
  2. Bench top and Modular Design with extension facility.
  3. Oxygen and Moisture can be removed up to less than < 1ppm
  4. Display of Oxygen, Moisture and Vacuum Level on Burhani Engineering Technology Touch Screen
  5. Large 7 inch Touch Screen with PLC Controller
  6. Purification and regeneration in close loop recirculation system
  7. Antechamber on request with sliding trays
  8. Optional Live monitoring facility
  9. Safety feature and control features
  10. low leakage rate
  11. low moisture and oxygen content
  12. Ergonomic
  13. Accurate moisture and Oxygen Detection
  14. Process Efficient
  15. Fast and Slow Purge features available
Applications of Vacuum Glove Boxes:

1. Chemical Research: Vacuum glove boxes are used in chemical laboratories to handle air-sensitive and moisture-sensitive reagents, ensuring accurate reactions and minimizing unwanted reactions.
2. Electronics Manufacturing: In the electronics industry, vacuum glove boxes are used for assembling components and devices that require a controlled environment to prevent oxidation and contamination.
3. Battery Research: Research and development of batteries, especially lithium-ion batteries, often require vacuum glove boxes to prevent exposure to moisture and oxygen, which can affect battery performance.
4. Pharmaceuticals: Vacuum glove boxes are used in pharmaceutical research and production to handle sensitive compounds and maintain the purity of active ingredients.
5. Nanotechnology: In nanotechnology applications, vacuum glove boxes provide a controlled environment for handling nanomaterials and performing precise manipulations.

Benefits of Vacuum Glove Boxes:

1. Material Protection: Vacuum glove boxes prevent materials from exposure to oxygen and moisture, which can cause oxidation, degradation, or unwanted reactions.
2. Contamination Prevention: The controlled atmosphere within the glove box minimizes the risk of contamination from particles, dust, and pollutants.
3. Enhanced Precision: Researchers and operators can perform tasks with a high degree of precision, as the controlled environment eliminates external factors that can affect outcomes.
4. Reduced Waste: By preventing unwanted reactions and preserving the quality of materials, vacuum glove boxes help reduce waste and improve process efficiency.
5. Versatility: Vacuum glove boxes can accommodate a wide range of applications, from basic research to complex manufacturing processes.

Considerations for Using Vacuum Glove Boxes:

1. Gas Handling: Proper handling and management of inert gases used in the glove box is crucial to maintain the desired controlled atmosphere.
2. Glove Maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of the gloves is essential to prevent leaks and ensure operator safety.
3. Airlock System: Some vacuum glove boxes include an airlock system that allows for transferring materials in and out of the controlled environment without compromising the atmosphere inside.
4. Operator Training: Proper training is necessary for operators to use the vacuum glove box correctly, including sealing, purging, and manipulating materials.
5. Material Compatibility: Not all materials can be safely handled within a vacuum glove box. Compatibility with the chosen controlled environment should be considered.


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