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Liquid Nitogen Trap For Gases and Solvents Cold Trap For Vacuum Pump.

The liquid nitrogen cold trap engineered by Burhani Engineering Technology serves as a vital component within vacuum systems, safeguarding pumps from contamination and ensuring optimal operational efficiency. Here's an overview of this specialized cold trap:

Purpose of Burhani Engineering Technology's Liquid Nitrogen Cold Trap:
Contamination Mitigation: This cold trap effectively prevents by-products generated during equipment operation from entering the pump, safeguarding against potential pump contamination or breakdown of pump fluid.

Efficiency Enhancement: By incorporating this cold trap, Burhani Engineering Technology significantly improves the performance of vacuum systems. A clean pump, coupled with the cold trap, enables achieving vacuum levels well within the 1 x 10-5 Torr range, surpassing the typical 4 x 10-3 Torr range achieved without the cold trap.

Backstreaming Prevention: The design of Burhani's cold trap effectively curtails backstreaming from the pump, ensuring that unwanted substances do not re-enter the system.

Working Principle of Burhani's Liquid Nitrogen Cold Trap: Cryogenic Cooling Excellence: Utilizing liquid nitrogen as a cryogenic cooling medium, this cold trap significantly lowers the temperature of its surface. This temperature reduction is crucial for the efficient condensation and trapping of water and oil vapor..

Irreversible Contaminant Trapping: The cold trap achieves complete and irreversible trapping of contaminants at liquid nitrogen temperatures, allowing for the attainment of high vacuum levels, typically in the range of 10-6 Torr or better.

Features of Burhani's Liquid Nitrogen Cold Trap:
Compact and Efficient Design: Burhani's cold trap is characterized by its compact size, efficiency, and minimal maintenance requirements, contributing to its reliability in diverse applications.

Quality Material: Crafted from electropolished 304 stainless steel, the liquid nitrogen reservoir can be easily removed for cleaning, ensuring longevity and sustained performance.

Convenient Access and Ports: The design facilitates straightforward cleaning through a quick clamp O-ring flange. Additionally, side ports are incorporated for diagnostics, gauges, or venting purposes.

Easy Installation: To streamline the installation process, mounting tabs are thoughtfully provided on the trap body, simplifying the integration of the cold trap into existing systems.

Safety Considerations:
Liquid Nitrogen Handling: While Burhani's cold trap offers ease of use with liquid nitrogen, adherence to proper safety protocols is imperative to mitigate potential risks associated with handling cryogenic substances

Material 304 Stainless Steel
Temperature Rating -200 to 200°C
Ultimate Vacuum <100millitorr / microns
Outer Chamber for coolant Circulation 3 Litres
Trap Internal Capacity 1.5 Litres
Outside Dimensions 8" x 14" x 15" (Includes jacket gauge and valve hardware
Weight 16 Kgs


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