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Vacuum Degassing Chamber With Stirrer

Description: Welcome to Burhani Engineering Technology, where innovation meets excellence in vacuum degassing solutions! In this video, we're thrilled to introduce our Motorized Stirrer Vacuum Degassing Chamber, specifically engineered to tackle the challenges of high-viscosity liquids with unparalleled efficiency.

If you're dealing with high-viscous materials like resins, adhesives, or polymers, you know how crucial it is to remove trapped air and bubbles for optimal performance and quality. That's where our Motorized Stirrer Vacuum Degassing Chamber comes in.

Revolutionize Your Process with Burhani Engineering's Motorized Stirrer Vacuum Degassing Chamber for High-Viscosity Liquids!
Join us as we delve into the remarkable features and benefits of our cutting-edge equipment:

1.Powerful Motorized Stirrer: Say goodbye to manual stirring hassles! Our chamber boasts a robust motorized stirrer that ensures thorough mixing and degassing of even the most viscous liquids, saving you time and effort.

2.Precision Vacuum Control: A chieve precise vacuum levels tailored to your specific application requirements, thanks to our advanced control system. From gentle degassing to rapid evacuation, our chamber offers unmatched versatility.

3. Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials and built to withstand the rigors of industrial use, our vacuum degassing chamber ensures long-lasting performance and reliability. 4. Streamlined Operation: Experience user-friendly operation with intuitive controls and a clear interface, making setup and monitoring a breeze.

At Burhani Engineering Technology, we're committed to providing solutions that empower your processes and drive efficiency. With our Motorized Stirrer Vacuum Degassing Chamber, you can optimize your production workflow and achieve superior results, even with the most challenging materials.

Don't let trapped air compromise the quality of your high-viscosity liquids any longer. Upgrade to Burhani Engineering's Motorized Stirrer Vacuum Degassing Chamber and experience the difference firsthand! Explore the possibilities and elevate your operations with Burhani Engineering Technology today!.

Material Capacity Gallon Capacity Litres Size Dia x Height (cm)
BHFGC1030 0.6 2.4 10x30
BHFGC1060 1.3 4.8 10x60
BHFGC2030 2.5 9.5 20x30
BHFGC2060 5 19 20x60
BHFGC3030 6 22 30x30
BHFGC3060 12 44 30x60

Custom Sizes Manufactured on Demand


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