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Vacuum Glove Box Metal Body

Burhani Engineering Technology is the largest manufacturer of Inert gas Glove box chamber in India includes Gas Enclosures, Clean room equipment and Purification systems. BHFTECHG has developed innovative sealing technology and gas purification systems that enables our users low leakage rates and high impurity levels better than industrial standards. Our designs can remove 02, h20 and N2 to ppb levels and achieve ISO-2 class level clean rooms.

Leak Free Sealing Technology

Burhani Engineering Technology Glove boxes are made of stainless steel and are welded entirely except for the front window and glove ports. The Ports has double seal for enhance vacuum leakage protection. We give our customers the most advance sealing technology and guarantee that your research stays protected from the atmosphere.

  • Ultra Low Impurity levels
  • Ultra Low Leakage rate
  • Low regeneration frequency
  • Long Seal Life
  • Ultra Low Energy consumption
High Efficiency Purification Systems

Ultra High pure gas purification and separation with Burhani Engineering Technology many years of R&D design helps us to serve industry with purification trains with improved efficiency and capacity.

  1. Optimized parameters are
  2. Gas Flow distribution
  3. Internal Structure of purification columns
  4. Adsorption materials
  5. Purifier filling methods
Accurate Trace Gas Analysis

Oxygen Analyzer

  1. Accurate with repeatability
  2. Not effected by solvents
  3. Low operating cost and replaceable sensor

Moisture Analyzer

  • Accurate, widely used and reliable
  • Low Maintenance

Chemical Synthesis Glovebox

  • Long Lifespan
  • O2<1 ppm H2o<1 ppm
  • Low leakage (<0.001 vol%/h)
  • Excellent purifier capacity (O2:45-60L)
  • Accurate moisture and oxygen
  • Infrequent regeneration
  • Low failure rate
  • Safe and convenient

OLED/OPV Glove boxes

  • Clean room environment
  • Substrate cleaning equipment
  • spin Coating equipment
  • Thermal treatment equipment
  • Vacuum deposition equipment
  • Manual and automatic encapsulation equipment
  • Temperature control systems
  • vacuum controlled drying systems for printing

Lithium Battery and Super capacitor Glove boxes

  • Excellent seal ability with long lifespan
  • Protection device for moisture and oxygen sensors
  • Strong resistance to organic solvents
  • can integrate with different vacuum heating and drying technologies

Nuclear Research & Industry Glove boxes

  • Advance leak free technology
  • Radiation protection: lead plate, flint glass, leaded gloves
  • Ultra low moisture and oxygen content: < 1 ppm
  • Capacity to perform no leak contaminated glove changing under negative box pressure
  • Safe transfer of nuclear materials

Laser Welding Gloveboxes

  • Low Moisture and oxygen content
  • Ergonomic
  • Accurate moisture and oxygen detection
  • Process efficient
  • Fast and slow purge features available
Additive Manufacturing Gloveboxes

  Material SS 304
Main Vacuum Glove Box Dimensions (mm)

Length : 1200/1500/1800/2400 mm

Width: 750mm
Height : 900 mm

Shelves Length: 990/120 mm
Width : 180 mm
Fixed or adjustable shelves
Lighting LED
Glove Ports Aluminum
Diameter : 220 mm
Gloves Butyl Rubber
Thickness: 0.4 mm
Feedthrough KF 40 Flanges Sealed with blank caps
Power Interface 110/220 V
Filters Mounted on Vents
Large Antechamber Material


White External Varnish
Brushed Inner surface

Location Left or Right
Dimensions Inner Diameter:370 mm
Inner Length : 600 mm
Transfer Mode Sliding Tray
Internal Tray SS 304
Door Double Doors
Anodised Doors
Thickness : 10 mm
Operation Mode Manual and Automatic
Optional Antechamber Rectangle/ L shaped/ Cylindrical T
Shaped/Rectangular T Shaped
Small Antechamber Material


White External Varnish
Brushed Inner surface.

Location Left or right side
Dimension Inner diameter: 150 mm
Inner Length : 300 mm
  Sliding Tray
Doors Double Doors
Anodised Aluminum
Thickness: 10mm
Operation Mode Manual
Stand   Adjustable levelers and castors for mobility
Power Line   220/120 Volts 50/60 HZ

Burhani Engineering Technolog 2 Port Gloveboxes 2 - LXWXH(mm) 1200x750x1815
Burhani Engineering Technolog 3 Port Gloveboxes 3 - LXWXH(mm) 2100x750x1815
Burhani Engineering Technolog 4 Port Gloveboxes 4 - LXWXH(mm) 2400x750x1815 All one side – 4 Glove Holes
Burhani Engineering Technolog 4 Port Gloveboxes 4 - LXWXH(mm) 3000x750x1815 All oneside – Modular – 4 Glove Holes
Burhani Engineering Technolog 4 Port Gloveboxes
Burhani Engineering Technolog 4 - LXWXH(mm) 2100x1000x1815 2 Side x 2 Glove holes
Burhani Engineering Technolog 6 Port Gloveboxes 6 - LXWXH(mm) 2400x1000x1815 2 side x 3 Glove Holes
Burhani Engineering Technolog 8 Port Gloveboxes 8 - LXWXH(mm) 3000x1000x1815s
Vacuum Glove Box with Metal Body:

In scientific research, advanced manufacturing, and various industrial processes, precision and control are non-negotiable. The Vacuum Glove Box with a Metal Body stands as a symbol of excellence in providing a controlled environment for sensitive operations. This comprehensive guide will navigate the world of Vacuum Glove Boxes with Metal Bodies, shedding light on their principles, applications, and the transformative role they play in ensuring precision, safety, and contamination-free conditions for critical tasks.

Unpacking the Science of Vacuum Glove Boxes

The Art of Controlled Environments
Before we delve into the applications and advantages of Vacuum Glove Boxes with Metal Bodies, it's essential to understand the fundamental concept behind these specialized enclosures. A glove box is a sealed container equipped with built-in gloves, often made of durable metal, that allows operators to manipulate objects or substances in a controlled environment. When combined with a vacuum system, the Vacuum Glove Box with a Metal Body ensures an even greater level of control over the environment, making it ideal for tasks that demand precision, cleanliness, and containment.

The Demand for Precision and Containment

Critical Operations Require Controlled Environments
In various industries and research fields, tasks necessitating precise control and contamination prevention include:
1. Scientific Research: Laboratories rely on Vacuum Glove Boxes with Metal Bodies for experiments involving sensitive materials, such as chemicals or biological samples.
2. Advanced Manufacturing: Industries like electronics, aerospace, and pharmaceuticals employ these boxes for manufacturing components that demand contamination-free conditions.
3. Nuclear Research: Radioactive materials and isotopes are safely handled within glove boxes to minimize radiation exposure.
4. Pharmaceuticals: Drug formulation and handling of potent compounds require controlled environments to prevent cross-contamination.
5. Semiconductor Fabrication: In cleanroom environments, Vacuum Glove Boxes with Metal Bodies ensure utmost cleanliness and precision.

Components of Vacuum Glove Box with Metal Body

Engineering Precision and Control
Key components of Vacuum Glove Boxes with Metal Bodies include:
1. Metal Enclosure: The sturdy metal body provides durability, structural integrity, and resistance to chemical exposure.
2. Gloves: Built-in gloves, often made of specialized materials, allow operators to interact with materials inside the box without breaking containment.
3. Vacuum System: The vacuum pump, integrated into the system, maintains low pressure within the box, removing contaminants and preventing leaks.
4. Gas Purification System: Some systems feature gas purification to maintain a clean and controlled atmosphere.
5. Pressure Controls: Operators can adjust the pressure inside the box to meet specific requirements.
6. Access Ports: Ports allow for the introduction of materials, instruments, or samples without exposing the entire enclosure.

Applications of Vacuum Glove Box with Metal Body

Precision Work in Controlled Environments
Vacuum Glove Boxes with Metal Bodies find applications across a wide spectrum of industries:
1. Chemical Research: These glove boxes ensure safe handling of reactive or hazardous chemicals in controlled atmospheres.
2. Biology and Biotechnology: Sensitive biological experiments, cell culture work, and DNA/RNA handling benefit from contamination-free environments.
3. Pharmaceuticals: Drug formulation, compounding, and handling of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) require controlled conditions.
4. Nuclear Research: Laboratories dealing with radioactive materials use glove boxes to contain and manipulate samples.
5. Electronics and Cleanrooms: Semiconductor fabrication, nanotechnology research, and electronics assembly demand contamination control.

Advantages of Vacuum Glove Box with Metal Body

Precision and Safety at the Forefront
The adoption of Vacuum Glove Boxes with Metal Bodies offers several key advantages:
1. Durability: The metal construction ensures longevity and resistance to chemical exposure.
2. Contamination Control: These glove boxes maintain a clean, particle-free environment, crucial for sensitive processes and experiments.
3. Operator Safety: Operators are shielded from exposure to hazardous substances, radioactive materials, or pathogens.
4. Precision Handling: The gloves provide a tactile interface for delicate operations, enabling precise manipulation.
5. Flexibility: These boxes are adaptable for a wide range of applications and can be customized to meet specific requirements.
6. Reduced Environmental Impact: Metal bodies promote sustainability by minimizing waste and emissions.

Challenges and Considerations

While Vacuum Glove Boxes with Metal Bodies offer substantial benefits, challenges include regular maintenance, proper training for operators, and ensuring a reliable vacuum system. Adherence to safety protocols and periodic equipment checks are essential for maintaining the integrity of the controlled environment.


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