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Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cube

Cube Chambers manufactured by Burhani Engineering Technology are the most versatile of all vacuum chamber configurations. The Clear cube chambers is known for its efficient use of space with high volume testing. Viewports, Shelving, Feedthroughs,lighting and integration with other vacuum accessories. the Standard transparent acrylic vacuum cube chambers include ports for vacuum, vent and gauge. 2 Ball valves and 0-30" vacuum gauge with pneumatic fittings and hose.

Burhani Engineering Technology vacuum chambers feature rugged cast acrylic construction with a cube design. this plastic vacuum chambers can achieve vacuum down to 0.1 Torr. The vacuum chamber rage starts from 6 inches to 40 inches as per customer requirements. Thickness of the chamber ranges from 25 mm to 60 mm thick rugged acrylic.

Burhani Engineering Technology is the largest Manufacturer of clear acrylic cube vacuum chamber in India. These Chambers are used in a variety of application right from research to production. The acrylic plastic vacuum chamber is covered with an acrylic vacuum chamber lid along with vacuum chamber door. This vacuum chamber allows user to perform specified levels of vacuum pressure inside this vacuum chamber. The Entire setup can be controlled manually or automated as per the requirement. 7 inch Touch Screen can be provided on request.

  • Product Features of the Acrylic Vacuum Cube Chamber
  • Acrylic Plexi-Glass chamber for long-term air-tightness performance.
  • Burhani Vacuum chamber has a rounded edge at the top, for the protection of silicone gasket.
  • Vacuum gauge is assembled on a separate port, so that the reading remains accurate even while pumping/venting the chamber.
  • Gauge reading in both in Hg and Mpa.
  • All kits are vacuum tested for 24 hours before packaging. (leakage less than 2.0 inHg at 24 hours)
  • Two-sided flippable vacuum gasket for better durability and reliability.
  • The gasket is chemically resistant to butane and other solvents.
  • 25 mm thickness Acrylic lid for long life and clear visibility.
  • Strong elastic food grade silicone vacuum hose can connect/disconnect easily with the pump/chamber.
  • 50um air filter on the vent valve to reduce air flow and prevent any dust/powder flowing into the chamber.
  • Easy to install and low-cost to maintain: the chamber can be assembled in 5 minutes.
  • 45 day complimentary warranty and life-long parts support.
  • Product Specs & Part List of the Chamber
  • Vacuum Chamber: Plexi Glass Acrylic with 30 years warranty
  • Lid: Acrylic
  • Vacuum Gasket: silicone, resistant to Butane and other solvents.
  • Vacuum Gauge Assembly: 0.5 inHg accuracy.
  • Valve Assembly: very high quality air-tight brass valves, with 50um filter on vent port
  • Vacuum Hose: 3.3' / 1 meter food grade collapse-proof silicone hose, 3mm wall thickness(8mm I.D, 14mm O.D)
  • Vacuum Pump Adapter: 3/8" hose barb to 1/4 SAE flare port. .  .
Model No Capacity Gallon Capacity Litres Size Inches
BHFGCB080606 1.2 4.5 8x6x6
BHFGCB110808 3 12 11x8x8
BHFGCB121212 7 27 12x12x12
BHFGCB181210 10 36 18x12x10
BHFGCB201413 16 60 120x14x13
BHFGCB181818 25 95 18x18x18
BHFGCB242015 31 118 24x20x15
BHFGCB302016 41 157 30x20x16
BHFGCB322620 72 272 32x26x20

Custom Sizes Manufactured on Demand.

Understanding the Science of Vacuum Degassing

Before we explore the applications and advantages of Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cubes, it's essential to grasp the fundamental concept behind this specialized equipment. Vacuum degassing is a process that involves subjecting materials to a reduced-pressure environment while applying heat. This combination allows unwanted gases or volatile compounds to escape, leading to enhanced material properties, reduced defects, and improved overall quality.

The Significance of Gas Removal

In a world where material quality is non-negotiable, gas removal holds significance in numerous industries:
1. Metallurgy: Vacuum degassing ensures the purity and mechanical properties of metals, particularly in the production of high-strength alloys.
2. Pharmaceuticals: It eliminates air bubbles and dissolved gases from pharmaceutical products, ensuring product efficacy and safety.
3. Plastics: Degassing enhances the quality and appearance of plastic products by eliminating bubbles and imperfections.
4. Electronics: Vacuum degassing is vital in the manufacturing of electronic components, where material purity and reliability are paramount.
5. Food Industry: It plays a role in food packaging, removing excess oxygen to extend product shelf life.

Components of an Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cube

Key components of an Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cube include:
1. Acrylic Cube: The transparent, cube-shaped enclosure, typically made of acrylic, provides visibility while maintaining a sealed environment.
2. Heating Element: A heating element or heating jacket to provide precise temperature control within the chamber.
3. Vacuum Pump: A vacuum pump or system that lowers the pressure inside the cube, facilitating the removal of gases.
4. Temperature Control: Advanced temperature control systems for maintaining the desired processing temperature.
5. Gas Removal Mechanism: Methods for collecting and disposing of removed gases, often involving vacuum pumps or gas scrubbers.

Applications of Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cubes

Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cubes find applications across diverse industries:
1. Metallurgy: In the production of high-performance alloys, vacuum degassing eliminates impurities and enhances material strength.
2. Plastics: It improves the quality of plastic products by removing bubbles and imperfections, ensuring a smoother finish.
3. Pharmaceuticals: Vacuum degassing eliminates air bubbles in pharmaceutical formulations, ensuring product efficacy and stability.
4. Electronics: In semiconductor manufacturing, it ensures material purity and reliability in electronic components.
5. Food Packaging: Vacuum packaging removes excess oxygen, extending the shelf life of food products.

Advantages and Benefits of Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cubes

The adoption of Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cubes offers several key advantages:
1. Material Purity: Acrylic cubes provide transparency for visual monitoring of degassing processes, ensuring material purity.
2. Enhanced Material Properties: Removal of unwanted gases leads to improved mechanical properties, such as increased tensile strength and hardness in metals.
3. Quality Assurance: It ensures the quality and reliability of materials in industries where precision is critical.
4. Reduced Defects: Bubbles, imperfections, and voids in materials are minimized, reducing the likelihood of defects.
5. Cost-Efficiency: NDT methods like this help prevent costly failures and ensure product reliability.

Challenges and Considerations

While Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cubes offer substantial benefits, challenges may include selecting the appropriate process parameters, ensuring operator safety, and maintaining equipment calibration. Adherence to testing standards and best practices is essential for reliable results.


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