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Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cylinder

In industries where material quality reigns supreme, the Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cylinder has emerged as a versatile and indispensable tool. This comprehensive guide will delve into the world of Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cylinders, shedding light on their principles, applications, and the transformative role they play in ensuring material purity, eliminating unwanted gases, and maintaining precision across various sectors.

Burhani Engineering Technology presents State of Art, Quality Manufactured and Robustly Designed Clear Acrylic Vacuum Chambers. Burhani Engineering Technology has a complete most compitent and verstaile non metallic chambers in India. We have designed and perfected this crystalline clear acrylic vacuum chambers. We have transparent pricing policies offer competive cost with world class quality

The acrylic vacuum chambers are preferred over metallic counterparts due to mutiple benefits.

The acrylic vacuum chambers has advantage to be used in low, medium and rough vacuum applications. High vacuum upto 750 mmhg can be achieved inside the Burhani Engineering Technology clear acrylic vacuum chambers.The acrylic vacuum chamber cost 6 to 8 times less than stainless steel vacuum chambers.The acrylic vacuum chamber provides transparent and clear view during the operation.

Burhani Engineering Technology offers a wide range of selection of vacuum pumps from piston pumps to rotary vane pumps. The acrylic vacuum chamber can be customized to any specifications on request. We would be happy to suggest you the right pump for your application.

Few Applications of Burhani Engineering Technology acrylic vacuum chambers are:

Industrial Application, Scientifc Experiments, Quality Control, Bubble Leak Testing,Package Integrity testing, Hi Pot Discharge testing, altitude Simulation, Vacuum Encapsulation, Electronic Equipment Testing, Lyophilization, Vacuum Force Decay testing,FreezerDrying, Degassing Application, Packaging, Automotive Parts manufacturing, Genetic Engineering and Academic Research.

There are lot many application using vacuum chamber that goes beyong imagination.

  • The vacuum Chamber is indeginiously designed and manufactured in India.
  • The Burhani Engineering Technology vacuum chamber is made from Fully Transparent Clear Acrylic which enables interior during operation.
  • Wide Range of Selection of Standard Chambers from 6 to 40 inches in Cylindrical, cube and Custom Dimensions.
  • Safe and rated for Full Vacuum of 0.075 Torr, 75 micron absolute pressure.
  • Can be Customized and fit into Various Systems.
  • Factory Assembled, Plug and play and ready to Go chambers. Each Vacuum Chamber comes with vacuum gauge, two valves, clamps, handles, etc…


Quality Control, Package Integrity Testing, Bubble Leak Testing, Altitude Simulation, Hi-Pot Discharge Testing, Electronic Equipment Testing, Vacuum Encapsulation, Vacuum Force Decay Testing, Degassing Applications, Freezedrying / Lyophilization, Aerospace Applications, Various Manufacturing and Packaging, Genetic Engineering, Laboratory and Research, Automotive Parts Manufacturing, Academic Research, Scientific Experiments, Industrial Applications

Model No Capacity Gallon Capacity Litres Size Inches
BHFGC1060 0.5 1.9 10x60
BHFGC2060 2.0 7.5 20x60
BHFGC2560 3.1 11.8 25x60
BHFGC3060 4.5 17.0 30x60
BHFGC3560 6.0 23.0 35x60
BHFGC4060 8.0 30.0 40x60
BHFGC4560 10.0 38.0 45x60
BHFGC5060 13.0 47.0 50x60

Custom Sizes Manufactured on Demand.

Understanding the Science of Vacuum Degassing

Before we explore the applications and advantages of Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cylinders, it's essential to grasp the fundamental concept behind this specialized equipment. Vacuum degassing is a process that involves subjecting materials to a reduced-pressure environment while applying heat. This combination allows unwanted gases or volatile compounds to escape, leading to enhanced material properties, reduced defects, and improved overall quality.

The Significance of Gas Removal

Enhancing Material Quality Across Industries
In a world where material quality is non-negotiable, gas removal holds significance in numerous industries:
1. Metallurgy: Vacuum degassing ensures the purity and mechanical properties of metals, particularly in the production of high-strength alloys.
2. Pharmaceuticals: It eliminates air bubbles and dissolved gases from pharmaceutical products, ensuring product efficacy and safety.
3. Plastics: Degassing enhances the quality and appearance of plastic products by eliminating bubbles and imperfections.
4. Electronics: Vacuum degassing is vital in the manufacturing of electronic components, where material purity and reliability are paramount.
5. Food Industry: It plays a role in food packaging, removing excess oxygen to extend product shelf life.

Components of an Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cylinder

Precision Engineering for Material Enhancement
Key components of an Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cylinder include:
1. Cylinder: The transparent cylindrical enclosure, typically made of acrylic, provides visibility while maintaining a sealed environment.
2. Heating Element: A heating element or heating jacket to provide precise temperature control within the chamber.
3. Vacuum Pump: A vacuum pump or system that lowers the pressure inside the cylinder, facilitating the removal of gases.
4. Temperature Control: Advanced temperature control systems for maintaining the desired processing temperature.
5. Gas Removal Mechanism: Methods for collecting and disposing of removed gases, often involving vacuum pumps or gas scrubbers.

Applications of Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cylinders

Material Enhancement Across Industries
Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cylinders find applications across diverse industries:
1.Metallurgy: In the production of high-performance alloys, vacuum degassing eliminates impurities and enhances material strength.
2.Plastics: It improves the quality of plastic products by removing bubbles and imperfections, ensuring a smoother finish.
3.Pharmaceuticals: Vacuum degassing eliminates air bubbles in pharmaceutical formulations, ensuring product efficacy and stability.
4.Electronics: In semiconductor manufacturing, it ensures material purity and reliability in electronic components.
5.Food Packaging: Vacuum packaging removes excess oxygen, extending the shelf life of food products.

Advantages and Benefits of Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cylinders

The adoption of Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cylinders offers several key advantages:
1. Material Purity: Acrylic cylinders provide transparency for visual monitoring of degassing processes, ensuring material purity.
2. Enhanced Material Properties: Removal of unwanted gases leads to improved mechanical properties, such as increased tensile strength and hardness in metals.
3. Quality Assurance: It ensures the quality and reliability of materials in industries where precision is critical.
4. Reduced Defects: Bubbles, imperfections, and voids in materials are minimized, reducing the likelihood of defects.
5. Cost-Efficiency: NDT methods like this help prevent costly failures and ensure product reliability.

Challenges and Considerations

While Acrylic Vacuum Degassing Chamber Cylinders offer substantial benefits, challenges may include selecting the appropriate process parameters, ensuring operator safety, and maintaining equipment calibration. Adherence to testing standards and best practices is essential for reliable results.


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